Brexit: 30 truths about leaving the EU on WTO terms

Brexit: leave on WTO terms

On Monday 7th January, Global Britain & Labour Leave are publishing “30 Truths About Leaving On WTO Terms” The report rebuts – with documented evidence – Project Fear’s scare stories and argues that the best Brexit endpoint would be the Canada style free trade deal offered by Donald Tusk, covering the whole UK. To achieve … Read more

How Amazon, China and the HMRC are erasing the British High Street

Is there such thing as a level playing field in business anymore? The announcement in June that Amazon has increased its turnover and global profitability, but reduced the tiny amount in tax previously paid to the UK’s HMRC annually still further, comes as no surprise. This international behemoth does not believe in contributing to the … Read more

A look at the UK skills gap as 2017 draws to a close

The UK skills gap sees British companies short 20,000 engineers and technicians every year. This means we will be in need of 1.8 million by 2025. The struggle to find qualified employees costs businesses £2 billion per year. A shocking 90% of employers have reported struggling to recruit employees in the last 12 months. In … Read more

EU Referendum

Why I am firmly in the leave camp … written by Paul Beasley, Co-founder and Director biz4Biz and Managing Director of rhg Financial Services. Two weeks in and I am already thoroughly bored with most of the arguments. If I hear once more that to remain will mean 500 million migrants are going to invade … Read more

The new EU Procurement Directive must help!

Written by Adrian Hawkins, Co-Founder and Chairman biz4Biz, Chairman Weldability Sif, Director and Trustee of the Weldability Sif Foundation, Herts LEP Main Board Director, Chairman of the North Herts Studio Schools Trust and Director of the North Herts College. Many of our supporters will know how passionate the biz4Biz group is about the importance of … Read more