Apprenticeship Levy – The Unwelcome Change

Misconceptions surrounding apprenticeships are beginning to change, albeit slowly. A 2018 survey carried out by The Sutton Trust revealed 64% of young people are more interested in undertaking an apprenticeship than studying for a degree – up 9% from four years prior. One of the leading assumptions is that apprenticeships provide lower-quality career prospects than … Read more

A look at the UK skills gap as 2017 draws to a close

The UK skills gap sees British companies short 20,000 engineers and technicians every year. This means we will be in need of 1.8 million by 2025. The struggle to find qualified employees costs businesses £2 billion per year. A shocking 90% of employers have reported struggling to recruit employees in the last 12 months. In … Read more

UK competitiveness threatened by a skills shortage

A skills shortage threatens the competitiveness of the UK written by Tim Baugh, biz4Biz director and partner at marketing agency Howardsgate. The UK government has finally announced that the Hinkley Point power station will go ahead with expertise and financial backing from France and China. At the same time, contracts are being put out to … Read more

Upskill the UK workforce

Written by Tim Baugh, biz4Biz director and partner at Howardsgate February is an exciting time for petrolheads around globe as it marks the start of a new Formula One season, with the teams testing their new cars in Spain. As the reigning world champion, Stevenage‑born Lewis Hamilton will get behind the wheel of his Mercedes … Read more