Taxation and Representation

George Osborne’s obsession …… written by Paul Beasley, Co- Founder and Director of biz4Biz and Managing Director of Richmond House Group. I have written before about the dangers of George Osborne’s obsession with lifting the lower paid out of income tax. A recent analysis by the Institute of Fiscal Studies said that the proportion of … Read more

EU Referendum

Why I am firmly in the leave camp … written by Paul Beasley, Co-founder and Director biz4Biz and Managing Director of rhg Financial Services. Two weeks in and I am already thoroughly bored with most of the arguments. If I hear once more that to remain will mean 500 million migrants are going to invade … Read more

The problems of starting a business

Start-up business

Written by Paul Beasley, director of biz4Biz and managing director of RHG Financial Services. Business start-ups are booming apparently, despite the bureaucracy and regulation. It makes me wonder how much more successful an economy we could have if the government stopped using us as unpaid civil servants. Just think about what we do on government’s … Read more