A Sense of Injustice

Paying their fair share of Corporation tax …… written by Adrian Hawkins, Co-Founder & Chairman, biz4Biz, Chairman Weldability Sif (established 1925), Director and Trustee of the Weldability Sif Foundation, Main Board Member Herts LEP, Chair of the Skills and Employment Board, Chairman and Trustee of the Hart Schools Trust.

Sadly the large American conglomerates are all over the popular press once more, as companies like Google, Amazon and Apple have been found wanting in relation to paying their fair share of Corporation tax, on profits generated from their huge turnovers here in the UK. These companies operate with such superb business models, delivering popular products to their customers and have worked hard to strengthen their brand image worldwide. They clearly have a knack for running their well ordered businesses, remaining efficient and effective as they guide their behemoth companies through the pitfalls of day to day trading. One wonders how many of their senior management team can be categorised as a genius. Sometimes however, running a business is not only about making a profit, but what contribution, the business itself will make to society by employing people and paying taxes.

So much for the corporate genius that has taken this misguided step to arrange their affairs such, that they will not pay their fair share of taxes here in the UK. Where is their sense of justice and fairness regardless of the vagaries of UK tax law?

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